DSLR Photography - Versed Design
1840 1850 .223 1'1 3'2 abandoned addison airplane allegheny portage railroad ammo aquarium aqueduct ar15 architecture art barn bee beechwood boulevard bridge black swallowtail blimp bloomery gap blue moon blur boat bob o'connor golf course bokeh bow tunnel brick bridge bridges broken bubbles bug building bumblebee buried butterfly canal carnegie science center caterpillar cathedral of learning cayman cemetery chartiers creek chesapeake and ohio canal chess chess board christopher columbus statue cichlid city clarksburgh close up clouds cloudy cmu conemaugh dam cotinis nitida creek cresson cumberland dam damselfly decay decorative delaney's diesel nightclub dome door downtown pittsburgh dusk eastern tiger swallowtail ejection emsworth dam entrance exotic car exploration explore exploring facade farm equipment fifth avenue place fire firehouse fish flare flower flowers foggy fouse ftc full moon fumoh gallitzin garden theater giftshop glowsticks godfrey miller gone graffiti grafitti grass grasshopper grave marker greenfield bridge grime guard lock handley library hdr headstone highway hill's keep historic history homestead hoop house hydrant i376 ice illuminated implosion insect iron furnace june beetle june bug landscape lepidopterology light light painting light rail light trails lights lock lock 73 lock bridge locks log cabin long exposure look down look up macro manhole maryland mattress factory metal minetta spring monongahela river moon motel motion mount washington nature nature always wins night shot nikon photography oldtown overgrown panoramic panther hollow bridge papilio polyxenes park parkway center mall parkway east pastie paw tunnel pennsylvania phipps conservatory photochop piano pit pitt pittsburgh pittsburgh skyline plane playground pool porche potd potomac public park pyramid quadcopter rail railing randy land rebar redbud run reflection reflections river riverside road ruins rurex rusting rusty salt dome schenley park sculpture selfie service station shell shells ship shipwreck shooting range signs sky writing skybar skyline skylinepittsburgh skyscrapers snow south side spillway stairs stars statue stitched image street street art strobe subway sunrise sunset the point third battle of winchester toilet town creek aqueduct traffic train train tracks trees trough tunnel uavtrails ufo underground urban urban decay urbex virginia vur5t wabash wabash falls wabash tunnel warhol head warhol sighting water waterfall wexford wildflower winchester winter zelienople
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